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The Media Society Ice-cream

The Media Society was founded in 2018.

TMS was started by two women who were working multiple jobs and managing freelance clients day to day. They decided to put their skills and knowledge together to form a duo team which specialises in marketing, communications, and events. 


Courtney and Isabelle have over 16 years combined experience in the creative industries sector, where they refined their skills and passion for creative marketing, business growth, and networking. 


Through their experiences and success in a broad range of industries, they learned how to cater to the diverse needs of clients and deliver creativity across multiple platforms.


This was the foundation for launching The Media Society, where they continue to deliver exceptional services, results, and relationships for their clients.

About The Media Society


TMS Isabelle Lindores
Isabelle Lindores
Co-Founder and Director

Isabelle has over nine years’ experience in marketing and business operations roles. After finishing her Bachelors degree in Business Management majoring in Public Relations, Isabelle found a love for marketing and event management

Isabelle grew up in a farming family in the rural Queensland town of St George, before commencing boarding school in Brisbane. She is now based in Brisbane where she works to grow businesses across multiple urban and rural industries.

Isabelle's devotion to her clients and vision for success allows her deliver confidence and results to her clients.

Isabelle has worked in marketing across multiple industries including retail and corporate understanding how vital creative marketing needs are for both.

In her spare time Isabelle can be found, visiting her family in South West Queensland, training and teaching speech and drama, or likely thinking up some new ideas for the future.

TMS Courtney Horan

Courtney Horan

Courtney has had 11 years’ experience working in small to medium businesses, helping business operators to improve their procedures and policies and manage marketing campaigns.

Courtney is currently based in Longreach, Queensland where she is servicing the businesses that operate locally. Courtney has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, majoring in Journalism, Marketing and Public Relations.

 Courtney’s passion is connecting like-minded people and businesses who can benefit from one another, both inside and outside their specific industries.

Courtney has worked within many businesses across multiple industries including; boutique concierge, real estate, tourism, and other small to medium businesses.

In Courtney’s down time she is either playing or coaching sport and spending time on her family property in Stanthorpe, Queensland.

TMS Charlie Barker

Charlie Barker
Account Manager

Charlie has over three years’ experience in the marketing and business management field, working with small to large businesses in areas of business operations, marketing strategies, and developing unique ideas for content creation.


Growing up in Brisbane and understanding the diversity of this beautiful country Charlie is passionate about working with clients from all over Australia to help showcase their brand.


Charlie is also extremely passionate about photography and loves to capture the unique parts of business to help them stand out from the crowd. She uses this creative streak alongside her passion for marketing and business development to help clients showcase their wow factor.


In her spare time, you will find Charlie adventuring in around Australia with a camera in hand, playing sport or furthering her education through online courses and university subjects.

TMS Tessa Goot

Tessa Goot
Graphic Designer

Tessa has over 12 years of experience in working as a Graphic Designer. Initially working as an in-house designer for several years in the retail and fashion industries, she gradually grew her own business and has since been working as a freelance designer. Tessa has worked with a diverse range of clients from small businesses (marketing agencies, health, fitness, beauty, construction, architecture, real estate and retail) to larger companies such as Mercedes-Benz Brisbane, IGA and several city councils.

Prior to becoming a designer, Tessa obtained her Bachelor of Education (First Class Honors) at Queensland University of Technology, which lead her to work as a primary art teacher in Brisbane, where she has lived since she was born.

Now a mother of three young children, she still enjoys being creative at every opportunity - whether it be designing, decorating or painting.



TMS Business
Business Development

We bring an educated outside perspective to your current business set up. We work to streamline policies and procedures, coordinate effective administration, and develop growth strategies utilising marketing and social media tools resulting in consistent and profitable growth.

TMS Marketing

We provide a fresh set of eyes for your current marketing strategy, to see what scale of change could help attract customers, new business, or sell your product. We will work beside you to offer marketing designs and management, tailored to your target audience. 

TMS Social Media

TMS develops strategies for organic and paid advertising on all major social media channels. We aim to teach you the skills needed to nourish your brand's platforms, grow your business, and stay relevant. Not every business requires a large and constant presence on social media, however any brand can benefit from utilising it in a society reliant upon social media.

Photography & Videography

We have an incredible inhouse photography and videography team able to capture the essence of your brand. We offer product photography in studio and on location as well as lifestyle photography to show the personality of a business place. We develop concepts, mood boards, scout locations, source models and everything needed to streamline shoots and get the best possible result for your product or service.

TMS Design

We modernise both your digital and print designs to keep your vision and brand's personality for: logos, websites, business cards, internal brand guides, general documents, merchandise, and equipment. We believe that a brand's unique design qualities such as colours, fonts, and other style components can help your target audience affiliate with your business, products, or services. 

TMS Events

We specialise in launch events for brands, new products or services, and business networking events. TMS tailors these events to cater to your specific business needs and budgets, providing media opportunities for promotion and marketing of your brand.  

TMS Re-branding

Bring your brand back to life or take it in a new direction. TMS will strategise, plan, and redesign your brand to boost client confidence, customer retention, and growth. Re-branding can be as simple as refreshing a palette in your brand's design features, creating a new catchy tag line, revamping your current logo design to bring in new audiences or catch the eye of target markets. 


TMS Clients

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TMS Isabelle Lindores

Isabelle Lindores

Co-Founder and Director

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TMS Courtney Horan

Courtney Horan


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